National Park After Dark

37 - The Woman, The Myth, The Legend. Six Rivers National Forest.

Oct. 11, 2021

When someone mentions “Bigfoot”, a mental image pops into your mind, and we can take a pretty good guess on which one it is. A large, dark ape walking on two legs, head turned and arms swinging mid stride. You think of this particular snapshot because it’s everywhere. This iconic image is donned on apparel, signs, magazine covers and more. But do you know where it came from? 

This week we travel to northern California and into Six Rivers National Forest to learn how this immortalized image was captured, what happened in the aftermath, and how it changed the world of cryptozoology. Listen along as we debate the likelihood of this infamous creature existing, or not. Is it hiding out in the wildest corners of the world? Or does it exist only in the imagination of believers? We will give you the information from both sides of the Bigfoot fence, but it’s up to you to decide … do you believe?

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