I Got You, Boo!

004: The Enneagram Enigma

Feb. 11, 2021

Us humans are complex and interesting creatures. And personality tests help make sense of it all. We think so, at least.

Have YOU taken the enneagram test yet?! We did. A few times. And in this week's episode, we chat about our findings.

We shed light on Eating Disorder Awareness, talk about how Mercury's whole being in retrograde had us feeling weird and wonky this week, and, in the spirit of the week of weirdness and wonkiness, AMQ makes an I Got You, Boo! boo on the audio front.

Special shoutout @ashton.creates for her beauty enneagram inspired illustrations and calligraphy!

Happy listening! Here's the link to our personal fave enneagram test! We can't wait to hear alllll about YOUR enneagram results too! Please email us at [email protected]

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