I Got You, Boo!

006: Spontaneous Google Search Truths, TMI Talk, and Defining 'Body Positivity

Feb. 25, 2021

We Googled that shit... And the results were hilarious. Nothing like a good ol' Google search to reveal some truths about a person.

And leave it to us get some giggles in while simultaneously serving up some lessons on loving yo'self!

We see it everywhere: “Love your body!” It comes with a lot of misconceptions for some, seems too far fetched for others, and all the feels in between... Oof! Exhausting, right? It doesn't have to be!

Let's take a deep dive defining the body positivity movement, and hopefully brings some clarity to navigating what it is, what it isn't, and what it all means for your own personal body confidence / body love / body neutrality journey!

Credit where credit is due, boo:

Can We Be Body Responsible Instead of Body Positive? by Nicole Bedford





Anastasia Beverly Hills

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