I Got You, Boo!

049: Forgive Yo’self First

March 31, 2022

Full disclosure, the topic of forgiveness in all forms could be the premise of an entire podcast in and of itself!

This week, we catch up with life and dive into what forgiving ourselves and others has looked like, what we thought it was, what it really is and how it truly is a gift to give ourselves!

Forgiveness is much more than apologies and “just moving on.” AMQ breaks down the 4 Rs of forgiveness and we discuss how we've tackled these stages in our own ways. Getting to a place of forgiveness takes a certain level of work and self awareness. That ish ain't easy. So celebrate yo'self for getting there!

Have you struggled with gifting yourself (or others) with forgiveness? As always, we'd love to hear from you and what resonated with you about this episode, Boo Crew!

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