I Got You, Boo!

050: Give Up Or Give In: The Half Centennial Episode

April 7, 2022

Well Boo Crew, we made it! … To the half centennial!

You've officially allowed us to bless (and blast lol) your earholes for 50 (plus one if ya count the minisode) episodes! And we appreciate you so dang much for that!

This conversation is, as always, what we think is the ideal amount of silly and serious. We discuss how to reeeally know when it's time to pump the brakes or gas it - in relationships, friendships, work, all the things.

It's a tough thing to navigate figuring out whether to lean in or bow out, and we discuss our own lived experiences doing that (and not so much doing that), and even learn a thing or two about how we could potentially approach current and future situations.

Keep an ear out for a special surprise guest! ;) lol! (No, this time it is not Bruno, Becca's dog)

We hope you listen, laugh and learn a little with this (and every) episode!

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