Global Governance Podcast

Tad Daley on the Idea of a Global Republic

Nov. 1, 2022

Dr. Tad Daley has been thinking about some of the greatest challenges of our time and his first book, Apocalypse Never, was a trenchant analysis of how to rid the world of nuclear weapons and the accompanying mechanisms of international cooperation that would make that goal achievable within our lifetimes. Like Dante more than 700 years ago, he believes that we need to set aside centuries of violence and war as instruments of state policy. We need to move to a world in which the energies and resources now dedicated to enforcing the rapidly eroding principle of national sovereignty need to give way to concerted institution building in pursuit of common global interests in a context of sustainable peace and security. A concept of peace that goes beyond simply the absence of war. In this podcast Dr Daley discusses the obstacles and challenges we face to implement that vision and how to get there.

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