Global Governance Podcast

Daniel Perell on Why We Need to Rethink our Global Governance Architecture

March 21, 2024

Daniel Perell currently serves as a co-chair of the Steering Group of the Coalition for the UN We Need, an umbrella group of civil society organizations that are collaborating to modernize the UN system, to better adapt it to the needs of the 21st century. He is thus extremely well-qualified to share insights into the forthcoming UN Summit of the Future and the extent to which it might become a catalyst for future transformational innovations, desperately needed in a world increasingly destabilized by climate change, entrenched nationalisms, persistent poverty and inequality and other such global challenges. In this wide-ranging podcast, he shares keen insights on the way forward and how to make the transition from reaffirming important principles embedded in the UN Charter to implementing a broader and more ambitious vision of reforms that will deliver actual solutions to the problems we face. 

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