Life on the West Side

Radiance of God's Glory

Dec. 19, 2023

Go back before time. Before all galaxies. There He is. The spoken word creates all things. Can you see him?

That word became flesh. The incarnate one. The express image of gods glory. Can you see him?

Beyond presents and trees. Beyond ribbons and the true reason for the season. God in the flesh, Majesty in a manger, who came for you.

The sermon today is titled "Radiance of God's Glory." It is the second installment in our series "Cosmic Christ." The Scripture reading is from Hebrews 1:1-4 (CEV). Originally preached at the West Side Church of Christ (Searcy, AR) on December 10, 2023. All lessons fit under one of 5 broad categories: Begin, Discover, Grow, Learn, and Serve. This sermon is filed under BEGIN: A Loving Christ.

Click here if you would like to watch the sermon or read a transcript.

Sources of Inspiration for the Lesson Used in Today's Podcast:

  • The opening quote ("I believe in God as I believe in the sun") is from C. S. Lewis.
  • On the wonder of light, I summarize findings here: Astrum, “The Attribute of Light Science Still Can’t Explain.” 
  • For exegesis of Hebrews 1:3, see Alan C. Mitchell, Hebrews (Sacra Pagina).
  • On the Transfiguration, see Tim Keller, "Jesus the King."
  • The concluding observations--that light is the basic source of life, truth, and joy, but also what can take all these away--are from Tim Keller, "I Am The Light."

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