The Fight Gravity Show

The Fight Gravity Show Episode 1: Life After College Basketball

Feb. 22, 2021

Welcome to the first episode of the Fight Gravity Show. I hope you enjoy this interview with my friend Joel.

In this first episode as Joel desribes the work he did to get better at basketball, fight to make it, but had to pivot after not getting a contract with a team after college.

00:00 Introduction

01:04 Joel's Background

02:08 Why Basketball

02:43 Why continue with basketball?

04:08 End of High School

05:16 Working on a specific goal

06:58 College Experience

08:38 Arizona State University

10:37 Last two years of college

16:07 Keeping Hope Alive

17:09 What happened after college?

21:20 Changing your mindset

24:57 Getting out of your head

27:04 Responding instead of reacting

28:44 Coming to China and life now

32:48 Giving and Receiving

36:01 Basketball as a meditation

39:36 Reflecting on your mindset and changing

46:24 Final Thoughts

Check out Lewis Howes. I love his channel and the people he interviews

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