The Fight Gravity Show

The Fight Gravity Show Episode 2: How do you turn your life around after your loved ones die, your business fails, and you feel hopeless?

Feb. 24, 2021

Join me and my friend Bruno in the second episode where he gives the key points on what it took to overcome incredible advertisity. Life is not always easy, in fact, it can be a pain in the a$$. Bruno does not share his story for you to feel sorry, but to serve as an example to show all of us that when life gets virtually impossible and hopeless, that there is always hope, there is a solution, and life will get better, and the hard things we all face today will propel us to greater heights in the future.

00:00 Introduction

03:08 What brought you to China?

10:34 Live life, try everything, at what cost?

15:20 Mom passing, self destructive behaviors

19:10 Essential Oils and Reading: A fresh start!

21:41 First steps taken to improve his health

28:40 Living at the beach, meditation, getting clean

40:10 A Holistic Approach to Change

44:25 Detoxing 49:35 Elimination Diets

55:05 Be Your Own Scientist

1:01:55 How do you eat now?

1:10:08 Final Thoughts and Closing Comments

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