The Fight Gravity Show

The Fight Gravity Show Episode 3: Introduction, About Me, Why Follow the Show

March 3, 2021

Hello again and welcome back to the Fight Gravity Show. I wanted to give an introduction, some highlights of my background in fitness, and what I would like to accomplish with my show. 00:00​ Introduction 01:11​ The beginning 02:07​ Martial Arts 02:21​ Esther: 03:07​ The Purpose of this Show 06:30​ Agree to disagree, asking questions, understanding others 10:45​ My Athletic Development, Does PE Suck? 14:40​ College Days 15:27​ Applying Bruce Lee Principles 18:20​ Cardio Maniac Phase 19:55​ Trials and Tribulations with Weight Training 34:55​ P90X, Core Training, and Other Awesome People 41:35​ Life After P90X and Other Shenanigans 46:01​ Learn from my Mistakes Again, thanks for checking it out. Stayed tuned for more interviews and content. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.