The Fight Gravity Show

The Fight Gravity Show Episode 4: Motivating Yourself, Achieving Your Goal, and Striving For More

March 9, 2021

Welcome to episode 4 of The Fight Gravity Show! James Cai is an aspiring athlete looking to make it on an NCAA division 1 basketball team. Join me as he shares what it took him to loose 100 pounds in 11 months and keep progressing to be the best basketball player he could be.

00:00 Introduction

01:36 The drive and motivation to change, work hard, and transform

03:26 Obligation to Family in China

06:19 The First Step to Changing his Life

09:12 What do you tell yourself to spring into action?

13:00 How do you decide on what action to take?

14:50 Learning from your Mistakes

17:30 Getting Started Lifting Weights

21:04 Realizing your program does not fit you

23:50 Dealing with Plateaus

28:36 When there is too much stretching!

30:10 What do you do after you achieve your goal?

36:45 Playing Basketball in America

48:30 After High School

51:14 What is he working towards today?

54:24 Final Thoughts

If you have any questions or comments for James, you can add him on instagram: jamescai45

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