The Fight Gravity Show

The Fight Gravity Show Episdoe 5: Holistc Health and Wellness with a Nutritional Physiologist

March 19, 2021

Join me for the fifth episode as Esther, 40 years of experience in the field of nutrition and health, shares what good quality research is, what it's like to transform people with a wide variety of ailments, and how a variety of foods is what we need to optimize our health. Esther offers a unique research based approach to nutrition bursting with nuisance that will inspire you to challenge what you believe is fact and re-evaluate the choices you are currently making.

00:00​ Introduction

02:32​ Background, Education, Training

07:51​ What is good quality research?

12:28​ Conflicts of Interest, Bias in Research

15:20​ Whats the deal with meta-analysis?

18:02​ Developing Custom Nutritional Protocols

22:24​ Supplements and Pharmaceuticals: Issues and Illogical Practices

25:35​ When people are skeptical and aversive to change...

29:59​ How do you change your message to fit each individual?

31:48​ Duplicating the nutritional consultation

34:54​ What books has she published

37:40​ Take aways from her private practice

39:47​ Finishing her dietetics degree

41:25​ Why did you go back to school?

43:48​ Completing her degree and new beginnings

46:35​ Fruit: Good or Bad?

53:33​ Vegetables: Pros and Cons

58:50​ Stay tuned for part two

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