Elevating Early Childhood

Preschool Power-Up: Setting Up Your Block Center for Success

July 26, 2023

In this impactful episode of Elevating Early Childhood with Vanessa Levin, we dive into the heart of the early childhood classroom with a focus on blocks – the cornerstone of creativity and cognitive development. Discover the intricacies of setting up your block center for unparalleled success in this center tour. Answering burning questions from my e-mail inbox, I'll will guide you through the crucial components of an effective block center set-up. Join me for this in-depth tour, showcasing real-life examples and the best tips and tricks to avoid catastrophe, before it strikes! I'll provide detailed insights on what to put on the shelves in your block center for the first day(s) of school, and expert troubleshooting tips to set yourself and your kids up for success in the block center. Tune in and empower your teaching journey with my comprehensive guide to creating a thriving block center. This episode is an absolute must for any educator looking to refine their approach and set up their block center for success. Let's leverage the power of blocks and shape our future one block at a time!

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