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S1E3 THE BYRDS: GENE CLARK Seasonal Migrations PART 1

April 2, 2021

On Part 1 of Seasonal Migrations, our continuing saga of the ever-changing Byrds roster, Gene Clark makes his return after an eighteen month hiatus from the band.  The Notorious Byrd Brothers is nearing completion in an antiquated CBS Studio B and Larry Spector’s presence is starting to show as he recommends bringing in his client Gram Parsons for rehearsal.  McGuinn isn’t sold on Gram joining the Byrds, so Spector instead brings in Gene Clark, another client and original Byrd member.  Gene is not confident in rehearsals, and Jimmi asks the band to help him find his confidence before they head to Minneapolis for their first show of a short east coast tour.  Despite reservations about whether Gene is ready for tour, Spector books a train for him to get to the first show, but Gene gets stuck in an elevator before heading to the station and his claustrophobia and travel anxiety are triggered.  Several days later, Gene’s train arrives in Minneapolis and he meets up with the band for lack-luster performances that is essentially a photoshoot for Acoustic Amps.That evening, Gene decides he can’t fly to New York for the Fillmore East shows and returns to LA via train the next day, quitting the band for the second time.  The band finishes the tour, but Michael Clarke isn’t happy and won’t be around for very much longer.   

Some highlights from the show:

  • 00:02:18    Who are The Notorious Byrds Brothers?
  • 00:08:04    Larry Spector has an agenda
  • 00:15:20    Gene shows up for rehearsal
  • 00:22:32    Bill Graham, Kip Cohen and Fillmore East
  • 00:25:05    Acoustic Amplification and Roger McGuinn
  • 00:31:13    Gene’s trip to nowhere
  • 00:33:28    Gene gets stuck in an elevator
  • 00:40:04    CBS and their antiquated studios
  • 00:45:29    Minneapolis performances
  • 00:51:49    Gene can’t fly with the Byrds after all 

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