Echoes from the Canyons: A Retrospective Music Podcast


April 19, 2021

In this episode, Part 2 of Seasonal Migrations, Jimmi shares his memories of Michael Clarke, his talent and personality, and discusses the last several months leading up to his departure from the Byrds. Michael has been having issues with his bandmates and the music they have been writing for some time but when his drum parts are replaced on several songs for the Notorious Byrd Brothers album, he is furious. Michael and Crosby’s relationship becomes more strained, but David is fired soon after and Michael’s close friend and former Byrd, Gene Clark, returns for rehearsals and television appearances. All seems well until Gene’s sudden departure, when Michael decides to quit the trio and moves to Hawaii to pursue painting. 

Some highlights from the show:

  • 00:01:46   Michael Clarke, drumming on phonebooks 
  • 00:05:26   Mr. Tambourine Man & Terry Melcher
  • 00:07:54   Crosby vs. Clarke
  • 00:13:03   Michael doesn’t like 12-string solos
  • 00:15:54   The dolphin smiles at Jim Gordon
  • 00:20:03   McGuinn’s “outer space” songs
  • 00:24:39   The leadup to Crosby’s firing
  • 00:28:24   Michael quits the band. 
  • 00:29:46   Post-Byrds Michael

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