Inner Worlds with Leeor Alexandra

03: Understanding The Astral State & Manifesting As You Fall Asleep

April 19, 2021

Inner Worlds –
Welcome to Inner Worlds Episode 3! In this episode let’s tackle all of your questions on the Theta State, Astral Realm, Sleep Paralysis, and Shamanic Journeys.

Sleep Paralysis can be extremely scary, it was for me! In this episode, I talk about how conquering your fears and demons through sleep, meditation, and tackling your entities head-on, can lead to living a more prosperous, multi-dimensional life. 

Once we’re able to maneuver our sleep states, we have the ability to use these altered states of consciousness to manifest our dreams into reality. In this episode, I provide techniques on how to enter the hypnagogic state to astral travel and to manifest!

Seed of The Soul by Gary Zukav

Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe 

Timestamp Menu:

[3:50] Spiritual World Meets Human World

[5:20] Theta State 

[7:50] Sleep Paralysis as an Initiation and Facing Your Inner Demons

[10:45] My Journey Conquering Sleep Paralysis

[13:50] Multi-Dimensional Living and The Power of Fear

[17:00] Lessons From Dreams

[19:00] Visual Stimuli and Your Imagination

[25:00] Thought Realm

[27:00] Manifesting While Falling Asleep

[30:15] Morning Mindset

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