Inner Worlds with Leeor Alexandra

05: The Inner World of Energy & Thoughtforms

May 10, 2021

Inner Worlds –
Welcome to Inner Worlds Episode 5. In this episode, we chat about energy and thought forms, main character energy, how I became my best, weird-self, and a quick chat about oat-milk lattes and going gluten-free (again!). 

As an adolescent in school, we are taught the different types of physical energies. However, our curriculums are lacking lessons on subtle forms of energy. In this episode, let’s deep dive into emotional energy (energy about how we feel), and how to use this energy to manifest. All of your thoughts already exist in energetic potentialities in your thought realm and if you nourish them with your emotions, your thoughts have no choice but to become physical manifestations. 

Time Stamp Menu:

[2:45] My Ritual to Get Into A Creative Mindset

[5:25] My New Favorite Oat Milk Latte

[7:30] Going Gluten Free Again

[10:05] Main Character Energy

[14:00] Main Character Challenges, to Become the Hero

[15:00] Becoming the True Version of Myself

[19:25] Thoughtforms and Energy

[20:35] Emotional Energy

[23:00] Feelings Creating Thoughtforms

[26:00] Visualization

[29:25] Competitive Thoughtforms

[30:30] Steps To Manifesting Your Thoughtforms

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