Inner Worlds with Leeor Alexandra

07: The Inner Worlds of Extraterrestrial Contact

June 7, 2021

Inner Worlds –
Welcome to Inner Worlds Episode 7 - The Inner Worlds of Extraterrestrial Contact

Are we alone in this vast universe? In this episode of Inner Worlds, we get WEIRD and talk about what’s going on with the UFO and the Pentagon & NSA’s disclosure on UFOs. I also talk about my own experience with extraterrestrial and interdimensional life forms.

What is the government not telling us? What is the Unidentified aerial phenomena task force? What’s the difference between Spiritual Evolution vs. Technological Evolution? What do we DO with this information once we have it?

The unknown can often be scary. In this episode I share all of my experiences, how I handled them, and my current day thoughts on E.T visitations. Plus I’ll answer a few of your outta this world questions!

Time Stamp:

[4:15] Let’s Talk Extraterrestrial

[6:00] Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

[10:00] To Believe, Or Not To Believe

[17:00] UFOs WANT To Be Seen

[18:20] My First Extraterrestrial Experience

[20:00] Spiritual Evolution vs. Technological Evolution

[25:00] My Most Recent Experience

[29:00] Answering YOUR Questions About ETs

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