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Be the 1st on your block to introduce 1000 women to Bees.Social Our Guest May Wong has a huge vision only exceeded by her tremendous heart. Her goal, from her home in Canada is to introduce 1000 women to the Bee'Social Community. Many of those women

May 13, 2021

Host-Christopher Knight

Technical Director-Rick Scherer

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Our Guest is May Wong

May has set a goal of bringing in 1000 women into the Bees.Social community.

She is making contact with women all over Canada and is setting them up one by one. She believes that by using the Bees Social structure, she can help many people achieve a little more comfortable life.

Although she is new to the Community, it seems she has a true feeling for the Humanitarian nature of what we are building.

Take a few moments to get know May better and offer your help in her stellar effort.

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