The Swarm Unplugged
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The Swarm Unplugged

Host-Christoper Knight

Technical Director- Rick Scherer

The Swarm Unplugged Podcast is for all of the Bees Social Community and for those who want to find out more about the New World of finance. We want everyone in the Community to get to know each other better.

The guests of the Podcast are either new to the community, experts or Project Partners who bring their companies to Bees Special to become a part of a growing group of supporters that will help them grow their business.

There are many aspects to the community but all are geared toward helping each other understand how to both give and profit from what Bees Social is building.

Bees.Social includes:

Hives-Stake your capital in the Hives to yield “seeds” (a representation of the yield on your capital) which can then be “planted” (staked) into a project on the Farm. Your capital remains in your associated wallet within the Hive and is returned upon exit.

Farms - Plant your seeds into the farm(s) (Projects) of your choice to yield the token associated with said farm(s). There are a total of seven (7) approved projects and three (3) of these projects have activated their farms. More projects are in the pipeline. As of today, 21-04-09, each project is pre-market and their tokens will be listed on Coingecko in the coming weeks.

Exchange - We are building our own exchange in the background and the first iteration shown can be used to trade the yielded tokens between stable coins and ETH. All participants of the Hives will have the ability to obtain the exchange token once available. Swarm - Forthcoming. The Swarm game will include NFT's and many rewards which will cause a huge buzz in the NFT community.

Whale Tank - Like the Shark Tank, projects will present themselves to the community and participants will have the opportunity to vote on projects to be approved.

So join us and get to know the people who are a part of this great Community called Bees Social.

To reach out, go to www.Bees.Social neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.