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Eat more Vegetables and Fruit with a Dietitian, Dr L Govender

Oct. 14, 2021

In this episode, Dr Laurencia Govender unpacks the importance of eating vegetables and fruits for better health. She also gives practical tips that can be incorporated daily. Be inspired by her story and enjoy. The timestamps are shown below for your convenience:

0:00 - Introduction of the guest

2:30 - Dr Govender’s motivation to study Dietetics

04:54 – National Nutrition week (eat more vegetables and fruits)

07:56 – Are fruits pro-obesity or anti-obesity?

13:23 – The benefits of vegetables and fruits

15:53 – Practicality of incorporating vegetables and fruits

22:00 – Tips on cooking vegetables

23:41 – Tips on preparing healthy snacks

26:24 – Prep your veggies on Sundays

27:22-Importance of Gratitude

30:14-For more details on the Nutrition week, please visit:


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