The Blended Science Podcast

Self-Binding with Khwezi (PhD candidate) and Nkazi (PhD)

May 19, 2022

Nkazi and Khwezi explore the importance of self-binding which is an interesting way to control addictions. Below are the timestamps for your convenience, please enjoy.


00:00 Introduction and welcome

1:23 Feedback from the previous episode

1:38 Insight following 30 days without social media

5:00 Guilt and social media “re-use”

7:02 steward of time and stealing company time

8:00 Self-binding, use of filters to limit internet use

11:39 addicted to destruction

13:49 Khwezi’s view on self-binding

15:43 Self-binding as a two-edged sword

18:36 Accountability

19:50 Looking ahead (upcoming episode)

20:59 Outro and closure

Recommended apps (no affiliations)

1. Block site (chrome and explore extension)

2. Self-control (chrome and firefox)

3. Forest 


1. Anna Lembke. Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence. 

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