The Blended Science Podcast

Pain and Pleasure Balance with Khwezi (PhD candidate) and Nkazi (PhD)

June 29, 2022

In this Episode, Khwezi and Nkazi look at the pleasure and pain balance as inspired by the Book " Dopamine nation". Tune in and be inspired to pursue pain for pleasure. For your convenience please see the timestamps and references below.

0:00 - Introduction  

02:04 - Wisdom in pursuing pain pursuing 

 04:32 - Physical exercise as a stressor 

 06:50 - Physical exercise and addictions 

 10:13 - Community engagement and sports 

 10:36 - Exercise, mood, and anxiety 

 11:30 - Meaning of happiness 

 12:14 -Temperature-induced pain 

 16:33 - Homeostatic mechanisms 

 20:55 - Pursuing pain through exposure therapy 

 25:35 - Man’s search for Meaning—Tragic optimism 

 28: 45 - Closing remarks 

 29:41- Outro 


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