Camp Here & There

FILE 33-34. The Muse of the Elephant / The Elephant in the Room

Feb. 4, 2022

Audio data from various sources, detailing events which occurred at SITE10 on day 978 and 979.


• ENTITY1 work history

• ENTITY3 knowledge of affairs

• ENTITY1&ENTITY3 dynamic


• ENTITY1&ENTITY2 dynamics and perspectives

• ENTITY4 weaknesses


• As per my duties as AGENT7, resident spoilsport, I must stopper the brewing celebrations by reminding my entire cohort that ENTITY1'S JOURNALS ARE NOT ADMISSIBLE AS EVIDENCE IN OUR COURT. Remember: confessions not given under oath are as good as hearsay. As far as we can legally claim, the words ENTITY4 read out might as well have been his fanfiction.

• ... but God damn if this doesn't feel good.

• And hey, it seems like ENTITY2 now understands a fraction of his situation. A complication, but not necessarily unlucky — I imagine he'll be inclined do some of our investigating for us.

• In the meantime, I'm sure we're on the same page about our next steps. I just hope ENTITY4 doesn't manage to catch a flight to Arkhangelsk before we catch up to him; I don't know that I can handle another transglobal train ride. Especially if you take us underwater again.

Performances by Ryan Henning, Nicholas Belov, Blue Mayfield, and Susan Dohan.

Original music created by Will Wood.

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