News from The Greypevine

Episode 3

June 7, 2006

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News From The Greypevine Episode 3

Show Notes:

Recommendations: Check out this cool language translation site. Use the free translator on the right hand side of the page to translate text!

Tech Tips: For more great keyboard shortcuts, click here.

*Check out this shortcut that we don't mention in the show- Hold down the alt button and hit tab. If you have more than one program running, this will allow you to quickly change from one program to the next. If you have many programs open, just keep hitting the tab button while you hold the alt key to cycle through which program you want to select. Once you release the keys, the program you selected will pop up. Pretty handy.

Special Note- With school now being out for summer vacation, our podcasting schedule will change a bit. For more information about future podcasts, listen to the "Updates" segment of Episode 3.

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