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Bhilai to Burj: The Rs. 5,000 Cr Bollywood Studded Mahadev Book Scam

Oct. 13, 2023

A juice seller and small time contractor from Bhilai who built a popular betting app are being chased by the cops for a 5000 crore rupees money laundering scam. Also involved are A- listers of Bollywood such as Ranbir Kapoor, social media influencers and India’s most popular standup comedian that endorsed their betting app. From a paan stall in Bhilai to the plush confines of Dubai, from hawala transactions to high-end weddings, this is the story of Sourabh Chandrakar, Ravi Uppal and Mahadev Book. 

Host Anirban Chowdhury talks to Zulfiquar Memon, Founder & Managing Partner - MZM Legal LLP, and ET’s tracker of financial crimes Rashmi Rajput. Listen to the latest episode of The Morning Brief podcast!

Credits: CNN-News18, TIMES NOW News 1, TIMES NOW News 2 and Zee News 

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