Future Smart Parent

How to raise entrepreneurial kids and why it's important for them

Feb. 27, 2022

Episode Summary: 

We talk about reframing entrepreneurship and the skills that are most valuable to instill in our children. Some of these skills include self-awareness, confidence, resilience, learning that it’s okay to fail (something some parents could also learn!) as well as, innovation, independence, and critical problem-solving! Without these ‘soft’ skills it becomes almost impossible for us to empower our children to become successful entrepreneurs. 

We need to break away from the conventional mold that has been built, despite how easy it is to slip into. Although our education system is flawed, parents need to understand that the way the system has been set up is not the only way, nor is it the best way, for our children to be set up for success. 

The world of business and the world of work has shifted dramatically, and unfortunately, the schooling system in South Africa has not seen that same shift. But as parents, we have the opportunity to push the boundaries for our children, to open new doors for them, and to help them build the self-confidence and capabilities to thrive and succeed in this new socio-economic climate. 

Be bold enough to allow your children to break out of conventional norms and push boundaries. There are so many pathways and avenues that lead to success that children no longer need to follow ‘traditional routes’. So be brave, be bold! 

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