DOLO -Emotionally Slutty Podcast
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DOLO -Emotionally Slutty Podcast

Solo Dolo is a podcast about emotional wellness/ mental health / family / friendships / relationships/ and ALL THINGS emotionally slutty.

Hi, my name is!!! Shee' I am starting my own solo podcast because I just love podcasting so much and I really love getting a chance to be able to touch the people and make the world a better place!! I know that cheesy but cheese makes everything so yummy right! Haha

There will be lots of laughs, maybe some tears, hopefully, I may interview my favorite celebrities. Like CthaGod, Joe Budden, Jason Lee, Halsey, Nicki Minaj, Oprah, Kamala Harris! You never know I am going to do the work as I have in my career as a General Manager, or how I did the work when it came to my own family trauma and mental health. I studied and researched and leaned into the pain of the uncertainty of a pandemic and through this journey, I found something no corporate giant could take away! I FOUND SHEE' My 1st book of poetry will be out 8/18/21 called "Emotionally Slutty a safe place to fall!"

Welcome to my journey EMO SLUTS but in the safest way possible not the like when we're 22 thot-in and bop-in that's an episode for a different day ( wink wink ) if you know what I mean!!! ♥‍Love you real ones we will chat later! ttly neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.