Oh These, Those Stars of Space!

Yonder Stormzone

Feb. 21, 2023

A hunt for a fresh navcomputer leads Gelmire Lysander (Tim Platt), Liberty Balboa (Branson Reese), and Baron Baudelaire (Taylor Moore) to MaxMax-3, a bleak desert world where only the strong survive. Here, laws and manners have been gutted and left for dead by the side of the road, replaced by steel and leather. And if our heroes are ever going to make it out with their prize, they'll need something even rarer than a navcomputer on MaxMax-3—they'll need hope.

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Oh These, Those Stars of Space is powered by Lasers & Feelings, the perfect ttrpg, by the brilliant John Harper

The Oh These, Those Stars of Space Theme was created, arranged, and composed by Huge Today. We like it too! Thank you for saying that!.

Additional music and sound design from the great Michael Ghelfi. Find his work on YouTube, and support that good stuff on Patreon. 

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