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During the COVID pandemic, we may recognize that the most consistent thing about our economic status is the inconcistincy it brings. Yet, there are few calls for change and for the majority, it's business as usual. How is it that when the majority of us are staring at this drastic situation, we feel that there is nothing abnormal about it?

The short answer? Ideology!

The assumptions, values, and beliefs we hold when considering large institutions are narratives that are taught to us by those same large institutions. Ideology is massively complex, and worse? Ideology is self perpetuating, allowing ideology to operate unchallenged, "normal." This is held in place by molding our beliefs through the very way they are described and by doing so, our awareness of them remains at the same level- regardless of how our material conditions change.

Ideology is a complicated subject, American Ideologues seeks to simplify the concept and break it down in a way where we can observe large institutions around us in a different light. American Idealogues does not look to make partisan statements, this podcast simply seeks to show our audience a different lens to survey this American world. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.