Don't Call Me White Girl

Episode 36 : Free The Jails

May 17, 2022

On this episode, DCMWG is distraught with the news of the YSL indictment as Young Thug, Gunna & 26 other members of the group are arrested, Phelps walks back some backlash he & Tom received on a previous episode, Kevin Samuels untimely passing caused a lot of mixed reactions on social media between men & women, Texas is implementing a ban on social media filters, the good ole “who pays what bill” makes its way from the TL to the podcast, Darkside of the DMs, voicemails & more.

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Filmed on Location: All About It Studio

Executive Producers for Breakbeat: Dave Mays & Brett Jeffries

Executive Producer: Don’t Call Me White Girl

On Set Producers: Tom Flies & Dre Smith

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