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How To Build The Career You Want - Professor Of Behavioural Science Dr Grace Lordan

Nov. 1, 2021

"The goal is there to serve two purposes. One so that you start investing in your career and two so that you bring your future self forward so you are not just investing in activities that serve you for the present day" - Dr Grace Lordan

We all have big dreams for the future, but to achieve our goals we have to start with small steps. Dr Grace Lordan is an Associate Professor in Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics and an expert advisor to the UK government as a member of the skills and productivity board. Grace has recently released her book 'Think Big: Take Smalls Steps and Build The Future You Want', an evidence based guide that looks at how your small actions today will determine your future self and draws on behavioural science to offer every day, actionable solutions that will move you towards your goals.

In the conversation Ali takes a deep dive into Grace's book covering tonnes of behavioural science concepts including how our emotions influence decision making, the relationship between gender and risk aversion and why we procrastinate and fear of failure. You'll leave the episode with a better understanding of why people stumble in their career journeys, why others succeed and some practical advice to set you off on your think big journey.

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