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Lessons I’m Taking Into 2022 - Season 1 Roundup

Dec. 17, 2021

As the first season of the podcast draws to a close I look back at some of the most inspiring moments from the season including from conversations with Ben Francis, Krissy Cela, Chris Williamson, Unjaded Jade, Mrwhosetheboss and Dr Grace Lordan.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned from all the guests who've appeared this season is that we should embrace uncertainty and the idea of having a plan is a bit of a myth because really we're all working things out as we go along.

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E1 Ben Francis
E8 Krissy Cela
E9 Chris Williamson
E2 Unjaded Jade
E11 Mrwhosetheboss
E6 Dr Grace Lordan


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