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How To Design Your Career For Happiness - Samantha Clarke

July 28, 2022

On average, most of us will spend one third of our lives at work. That’s a lot of time. But even though we spend so much of our lives at work, according to a 2022 happiness study over one third of Brits are unhappy in their job. Samantha Clarke is a work happiness consultant, author of Love It Or Leave It: How to Be Happy at Work and resident lecturer and facilitator at The School of Life, Simon Sinek's platform and The Guardian who gives masterclasses on career potential, navigating transitions and change, managing stress and anxiety, finding confidence and purpose at work. During the conversation me and Samantha break down the traditional prescription around what a career needs to look like and tackle all the big questions facing someone navigating a career: how do you figure out what career path to choose, how do you know when it’s time to quit, how do you reinvent yourself in ease phase of your career, how do you negotiate emotional barriers to change, and most importantly, how do you design a career that you love. 


00:00 Intro 

2:20 Overcoming the title trap

3:47 Evolving understandings about work 

08:53 Navigating emotional barriers to pursuing your dream career

12:32 Exploring the hidden assumptions in coaching 

17:13 Love It or Leave It: how to be happy at work 

20:59 The 6 happiness pillars for work 

23:35 How to assess your happiness at work 

25:12 Can everyone find purpose in a job?

28:32 The relationship between career purpose and money 

35:20 Human Design Profiles

42:17 Manifestation and affirmations 

46:26 Decision making 

51:09 The signs and symptoms of burnout 

59:02 Following your passion vs finding your passion 

01:07:28 Coaching Ali on company mission and happiness

01:20:20 Takeaways 


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