Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals

Episode 5 - Documents Don't Lie

Jan. 11, 2022

August 1945, the war is over, and the evidence is building up. If anything there’s too much paperwork, too many files – the Nazi machine insisted on recording everything. But are these documents sufficient – or will they need to hear from the victims themselves?

Meanwhile, across Germany, ordinary soldiers are stumbling across the concentration camps, shocked and stunned by what they find. The British drive into Belsen having been told it was ‘just a typhus hospital’. But when they start taking affidavits from prisoners, the investigators start to hear about a place in the East called Auschwitz-Birkenau – and the witnesses talk about gas chambers and industrial-scale killing. It’s unbelievable. Starring Luke Norris as Roger Barrett, lawyer in charge of the Nuremberg Documents Room, and featuring Rosie Sheehy as Ada Bimko, a Polish Survivor of Auschwitz.

Cast: Roger Barrett - LUKE NORRIS Robert Storey - HARI DHILLON John Amen - JOSEPH ALESSI Robert H Jackson - JOSEPH MYDELL Colonel Leo Genn - NICHOLAS WOODESON Fritz Leo - NIGEL LINDSAY Ada Bimko - ROSIE SHEEHY Captain Galitzine - ILAN GOODMAN Captain Smallwood and other roles - MARK EDEL-HUNT Major Williams and other roles - NATHAN WILEY Heinrich Hoffman and other roles - JASPER BRITTON Wilhelm Keitel and other roles - JONATHAN CULLEN Lord Cadogan and other roles - ANDREW WOODALL Quartermaster Sergeant and other roles - CLIVE WOOD Titles - LEWIS MACLEOD

Sound Designer - ADAM WOODHAMS Studio Manager - MARK SMITH Casting Director - GINNY SCHILLER Original Score - METAPHOR MUSIC Writer and Director - JONATHAN MYERSON Producer - NICHOLAS NEWTON

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