Islamic Guidance

How To Get Your Dua Accepted

March 28, 2024

It doesn't take much to realize how blessed we are as Muslims. Allah SWT has allowed us to have a direct and open relationship with Him 24/7, with absolutely no middle-man in between. As Muslims, we have two main ways of communicating with Allah SWT. The first way is through our five daily prayers, which are an obligation upon us. The second way of communicating with Allah is, by making dua (supplication). In contrast to prayer, there is no fixed time or place for making dua. Wudu is not obligatory for dua. We don't even need to have wudu to make dua. We are allowed to put our hands up and ask Allah for what we need - at any time and any place. This is a huge mercy from Allah SWT. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.