Elimination of the Snakes

Elimination of the Snakes - Show #314

March 18, 2013

Some talk about the weather.

Fact or Crap: One a piece for each of us.

Mail Bag:

Three from Denny:
1) McConnell's wife pushes back on racial attacks in ad.
2) Man left in solitary confinement for 2 years.
Snakes of the Week - Sheriff's Department Dona Ana County, New Mexico.
3) Wrong woman buried following California mortuary mix-up.

One from Al: Some humor.

One from Pete: Biden's Press office apologizes for bullying student reporter.

Dan's take on the new Pope.(Tangent Alert!)

One from Peter: Women protest all-male conclave to elect new Pope.

The Rest of the Show:

An all email week.

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