Con Men Podcast

Who killed Michael Hastings? #69

May 11, 2023

Michael Hastings was a journalist, editor, and contributor to Rolling Stone magazine and Buzzfeed. Late in his life he became an enemy to the Democratic Party, the Obama Administration, and the surveilance state. He wrote a damning article about General Stanley McChrystal. The article effectually caused McChrystal to resign. Hastings created a lot of powerful enemies which ultimately caused his demise (allegedly). Many people have theorized that the government killed Hastings and there is a lot of proof to the claim. #fbi #cia #obama #journalists Follow us: Instagram @Con_Men_Podcast Twitter- @Conmenpodcast1 email- [email protected] -------------- Check out the new cooking show on Youtube called MK UltrEATS. ----------------- We are also streaming on all podcast platforms Subscribe to our Patreon here -------------- MERCH STORE IS NOW LIVE!!! CHECK IT OUT HERE -------------- Check out Adam Hesters Podcast: Skeleton Factory Podcast. You can find it here -------------- Special Thanks to Mr. Charles Elliott for allowing us to use his song for the intro. Check out his music here on Spotify neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.