Oh My Good Episode 1B: Obsessions-Radcliffe and His Eyes-

July 16, 2006

Daniel Radcliffe Episode -Dan's hair... and eyes of course -Lauren's cousin? Who cares!? -Sold out "Sorcerer's Stone"? Watch "Jimmy Neutron"! -Best books to movies, may be coming as a theme -Dan as an actor -Good, not great (Maria) -Has improved by far (Lauren) -Has his message conveyed (Brianna) -Do his eyes change color? -Another mention of "Wicked" -Buy Broadway tickets day of at Times Square -Lauren vents about an old teacher -Congrats to our listeners who don't have iPods! -"Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"? Lauren hates it Sorry for the absense of our normal outro music. The temporary is "I So Hate Consequences" by Relient K You can now e-mail us with your feedback! Questions, comments, concerns, and ideas for themes of the show can be sent to: [email protected] Toss, Toss Switch-K-Ost-Er

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