The Coin Bureau Podcast: Crypto Without the Hype

Bitcoin Part 4

April 22, 2022

We’ve been talking about Bitcoin for a while now, but then there’s a lot to discuss. After the dark days of Mt Gox and the furore surrounding Silk Road, you might think Bitcoin’s difficult days were behind it. As we’ll see in this episode, there was plenty of drama still to come.


As well as bringing Bitcoin’s history up to the present day, we also talk about the wider Bitcoin community and its often conflicting views on the whole project. Nowhere were these differences more pronounced than during the infamous 'blocksize war' which tore the community apart and gave rise to the first hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain.


We also cover some more recent events and milestones in the history of Bitcoin and crypto, bringing us (almost) bang up to date. 


Further reading: 


The Blocksize War (2021) by Jonathan Bier

Bitcoin Billionaires (2019) by Ben Mezrich


The other podcast mentioned is Peter McCormack's excellent 'What Bitcoin Did' which can be found on all major podcast platforms.


We hope you enjoy the show.


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