The Coin Bureau Podcast: Crypto Without the Hype

A Crypto Market Emergency Update Continued

May 19, 2022

After we recorded last week’s episode, things only got worse for crypto. The collapse of Terra and the plunge in the prices of LUNA and UST have all made for one of the most dramatic and harrowing weeks this industry has seen.


In this episode, we try to make some sense of what happened and also try to pinpoint what lessons can be learned from it all. The only way to take something positive out of the disaster is to try and ensure we prevent something similar from happening again.


If you have been affected by Terra’s collapse and are finding life difficult, then please don’t suffer in silence. There are many things in life that are infinitely more precious than money and we urge you to think of those if you are in a bad place. If you need someone to talk to then the Samaritans are always on hand to offer support to anyone and everyone who needs it. Look after yourselves and remember that things will get better. 


We hope you enjoy the show.


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