The Coin Bureau Podcast: Crypto Without the Hype

Blood in the Streets: A look at the state of the crypto market

June 17, 2022

You might have noticed that the crypto market - as well as pretty much every other market - is once again in freefall. As the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world raise interest rates to try and combat runaway inflation, and fears of a global recession intensify, these are tough times to be an investor in… well, pretty much anything.


There are however some crypto-specific crises unfolding which, combined with everything happening in the wider economy, have helped push prices further down. We are living through days where one bit of bad news is followed all-too-swiftly by another. 


There is, as you can probably imagine, a lot to discuss in this episode and so we thought we’d enlist a couple of friends of the Coin Bureau to help us try and make sense of it all. Josh Moden and Tom Busby are CryptoBusy - fellow YouTubers who are also crypto traders and so have a unique perspective on what’s playing out in the markets. The four of us have all squeezed into our (rather cosy) studio in London to chew over everything that’s been going on over the last few days.


In this episode, we take a look at recent news from the Fed and dig into the unfolding crises at crypto companies Celsius and Three Arrows Capital. We discuss the recent layoffs at Coinbase and how for some, these troubling times are in fact a golden opportunity. 


But it’s not all doom and gloom. Bear markets are tough and this one is going to be no different, but there are ways to cope with all the bad news. When the flames eventually die down, green shoots will quickly begin to appear. Josh and Tom share their coping strategies with us and tell us why they have high hopes for the future.


It was great to have Josh and Tom join us as our inaugural guests on the show and we hope they’ll be able to join us again. CryptoBusy is a great channel and should be an essential part of your crypto research portfolio. Follow them here:






We hope you enjoy the show.


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