Vulnerable with Christy Carlson Romano

Former Child Actor Lisa Jakub on Why She Quit the Business

Jan. 10, 2023

Today on Vulnerable, I talk with Lisa Jakub. You may remember her from Mrs. Doubtire, Independence Day, and The Beautician and the Beast, to name a few. I had the pleasure of meeting her at 90's Con. In this episode, Lisa shares with me how she started acting as a child and the events that led up to her decision to ultimately quit the industry. She details the work she did to discover herself outside of performance and how she addressed her anxiety and depression. Today, Lisa has written two books, is the CEO and founder of two organizations. Blue Mala is a pay-what-you-can mental health community that offers yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. Mission Flexible is a non-profit which supports veterans through mindfulness retreats. Lisa is inspiring because she has built a life that she truly loves when before she didn't have the agency to do so. I hope this episode is encouraging to everyone to care for their mental health and seek community in the process. Follow Lisa @lisa.jakub on Instagram and @lisa_jakub on Twitter. Check out Blue Mala at and Mission Flexible at Follow me, Christy Carlson Romano on Instagram @thechristycarlsonromano and TikTok @christcarlsonromano, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow Brendan Rooney on  Instagram @thebrendanrooney and TikTok @brendanrooney. Be sure to follow Vulnerable @thevulnerablepodcast on Instagram and TikTok. You can watch the video version on my YouTube channel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.