Vulnerable with Christy Carlson Romano

Mighty Med's Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry on Growing Up on Disney

Sept. 12, 2023

Today on Vulnerable, I’m joined by Disney duo Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry. Jake started his career on Disney's Ant Farm while Bradley made his mark on Good Luck Charlie. Soon enough, the two found their groove side by side on Disney XD's Mighty Med and they still work together to this day on their podcast, Hit the Brake. From casting horror stories to SAG eligibility, we get to chat about the times when we wanted to quit acting and the times we realized how lucky we are to be actors. We even dive deep into the mental health of child actors and what it's like to be a parent of a child in the industry.  Who took their job WAY too seriously? Why did Jake and Bradley hate each other when they first met? Will the old audition process ever come back?! Join us now! You can follow Jake at @jakeshort on Instagram, Bradley at ​​@bradley_s_perry12 on Instagram, and check out their podcast Hit the Brake at @hitthebreak on YouTube. Follow me, Christy Carlson Romano on Instagram @thechristycarlsonromano and TikTok @christcarlsonromano, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Be sure to follow Vulnerable @thevulnerablepodcast on Instagram and TikTok. You can watch the video version on my YouTube channel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.