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Twitter's Future under Elon, Streaming Subscription Fatigue, Amazon vs. Union and Coca-Cola's Pixel Drink

April 12, 2022

Welcome back Web-heads! This week we pick where we left off : Elon's involvement with Twitter and how he might shape the platform. We also talk about the weirdly named "Zuck Bucks" by Meta, how people are overwhelmed by streaming services, the historic union win against Amazon, Coca-Cola's new "Pixel Drink" and much more!

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0:00 - Opener
0:17 - Intro
12:23 - Comments of the week
13:31 - Elon Musk, Future of Twitter and the edit button
22:12 - Meta's "Zuck Bucks"
26:11 - Creators in the metaverse
29:32 - Streaming service fatigue
36:50 - Will everything be subscription in the future?
43:11 - Amazon
48:54 - China's Black Mirror Robo-dog
52:12 - Razor headset saves life from a bullet
55:17 - Coca-Cola releasing drink that tastes like "pixels"

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Produced by: Dagogo Altraide, Tawsif Akkas
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