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Why CNN+ Failed, Elon Close to Buying Twitter, Netflix Crashing, AI vs. Art and Google's Anxiety Reducing Notifications

April 25, 2022

Welcome back Web-heads! We are back after a week off with HEAPS of trending tech news: Elon Musk set to buy Twitter, the failure of CNN+ streaming service, Netflix shares tank, and signs of "NFT Bubble Bursting". We also dive deep into a few philosophical angles about AI vs. Art, and if we should recreate dead relatives in the metaverse as a way of grieving. We also touch briefly on Google's concept ambient notifications which are designed to reduce anxiety. 

Watch the video: 


0:00 - Opener
0:17 - Intro
02:03 - What We Watched This Week
05:35 - Comments of the Week 
06:36 - OpenAI DALL-E 2
10:10 - AI vs. Art 
17:35 - The Fall and Fall of CNN+ 
22:35 - Why is Everyone Hating on Netflix? 
31:45 - Elon Musk vs. Netflix 
40:45 - Elon Musk Ready To Buy Twitter 
47:35 - First Tweet NFT Fail 
52:25 - StartUp To Create Avatars for Dead People
58: 00 - Google's Concept Ambient Notifications To Reduce Anxiety 

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Produced by: Dagogo Altraide, Tawsif Akkas
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