Talk Yourself Into It
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Talk Yourself Into It

Are you aware that discrimination has been found to be a key factor in chronic stress related health disparities among ethnic and racial minorities?

Did you know that self affirmations have been shown to decrease health deteriorating stress?

This podcast is here to focus on fostering the self efficacy of Black women by getting them to expand the way that they see themselves.

The mysogynoir, a particular brand of discrimination that Black women face that intersects the racism experienced by Black people and the sexism experienxed by women, has a lot of us shrinking in places and spaces that we should shine. It has us combating imposter syndrome because we are one of a handful, if that many of people in positions that look like us.

In combating the macro and microagressions that we face at work, during our commutes, while we shop, when we're having fun with our friends, and many other aspects of our life, we are always on guard. This guardedness is the compounding stress that is sending us to an early grave.

Affirming various things to yourself will help you to perceive otherwise threating messages with less resistance. Which will improve your health outcomes in drastic ways.

It is our intention to bring you a weekly affirmation to help you see yourself in ways that will help you improve your inner dialogue, boost your self esteem, use your voice, open yourself up to the options that are available to you, and employ your autonomy to help you bounce back from adversities more quickly, or avoid them altogether.

We hope that you come back each Sunday and download the affirmation to listen, say, and commit to memory to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health all week long.

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