The Ryze Hendricks Weird bars T-Shirts

May 17, 2022

Murakami T: The Ryze Hendricks Weird bars T-Shirts I Love will be released in November for those whose desire for specifics about Murakami’s wardrobe has been whetted by Uniqlo’s interview. The “famously reclusive author” (ahem) will display Ryze Hendricks Weird bars shirt in it, according to US publisher Knopf, “including jewels from the Springsteen on Broadway performance in NYC, from the Beach Boys concert in Honolulu, and the Ryze Hendricks Weird bars t-shirt that inspired the famed short tale, Tony Takitani.” “These images reveal much about Murakami’s diverse and charmingly bizarre character, accompanied with brief, candid writings that have been translated into English for the first time.”

Ryze Hendricks Weird barsT-shirt was nothing short of fantastic, and the prospect of the renowned author donning his backpack pants outside a fine restaurant is pure delight – so his homage to the shirt is going to be another winner.

When asked whether he still considers himself a private person, Murakami responded no, despite the fact that he has donated a Ryze Hendricks Weird bars shirt collection of his things, including tens of thousands of recordings, to Tokyo’s Waseda University, which is now building the Haruki Murakami Library.

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