The Grassroots View

22. COP27: the organised civil society point of view

Nov. 9, 2022

In this episode of The Grassroots View we talk about the 2022 Conference of the Parties to the Paris Climate Agreement, or COP27. Negotiators from the 196 signatory states will meet in November in Egypt to discuss progress towards tackling the urgent issue of global warming. What are the expectations and concerns for COP27? What would a successful conference look like? Will the energy crisis slow down Europe's green transition? What is the role of organised civil society, and does it receive enough attention in the negotiations? Does the media coverage of climate change issues evolve? What does climate justice really mean? Joining us to provide their perspectives are Adelaide Charlier, a Belgian climate change and human rights campaigner; Frederic Simon, a French journalist, energy and environment editor at EURACTIV; and Luisa Neubauer, a German climate justice and human rights campaigner. Ahead of the summit, the European Economic and Social Committee adopted a resolution entitled Jointly tackling an existential threat: social partners and civil society for implementation of ambitious climate action. The resolution, which contains 40 recommendations, will be presented to COP27 by the six members of the Committee who authored it – one of whom, Sandra Parthie, is among our guests for this edition of The Grassroots View. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.